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Basic Training at Ft. Benning, Georgia

Sand Hill barracks for 8 weeks
Grenade range, waiting my turn
Me in the center inspecting the gas operated slide action of an M-1 Garand
Graduating from basic training at Ft. Benning, Georgia
OFF to Germany to protect us from the Hun
Every soldiers nightmare was training area Grafenwher
The entrance to concentration camp Bergen-Belsen
Anne Frank was kept here until she died
First assignment was the NATO camp at Follingbostel, Germany
Cruising the local town, with borrowed clothes, and combat boots
in my barracks room, shared with five other soldiers
Heading out on the town, to Nurnberg, from Schwabach
Soldiers Field in Nurnberg, the site of Hitlers' famous rallies
A self portrait
An easy assignment working in the message center.
Wintertime in Germany, in front of  Headquarters Troop, 15th Cav., 2nd Recon Squad, 4th Armored Division
Dragged from the audience by this lovely young lady, to do the hula for the boys at a USO show.
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