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Tom Karr

I have produced two motion pictures, for my own company. The first is DERANGED, based on a true story. It has recently been re-released after many years, by MGM on DVD. I had always wanted to make some movies and wouldn't be happy until I did.  Both movies were financially successful. (not all producers can claim that)


The second movie I made was a concert film starring the super country star Charlie Rich, winner of the Country Music Star of the Year. His hits include "Behind Closed Doors", "Have you seen the most beautiful girl", "Mohair Sam" and dozens of other hits. I interviewed Mr. Rich in the movie and found him to be an extremely nice man, a real southern gentleman. The movie was called "Charlie Rich: The Silver Fox In Concert". My crew filmed the concerts in Memphis, Tennessee, during the annual fair, and at the Arie Crown Theatre in Chicago, Ill.

Deranged Teaser Commercial

Deleted Scenes: these scenes have never been seen 

by the public. MGM is just now restoring them to the original

movie in January 2011. They were deleted from the orignal

film to avoid an X rating


I chose Canada for a location to film, because I had to have snow.



Coming Soon

American Fetish 

Tom Karr directing camera crew at Mid South Coliseum for Charlie Rich:  " The Silver Fox "


Scenes from the Motion Picture "Charlie Rich: The Silver Fox In Concert" Directed by Tom Karr (Deranged MGM)